Parking Management

Surveys of car park user attitudes, our latest technology and experience have identified that: Location, Price, Service, Efficiency, Security and Cleanliness are all critical factors evaluated by patrons when deciding on a parking venue. 

Yalla Seyarah takes into account all the above factors to achieve a vital tailoring of the car parking products in order to meet and service the requirements of all potential user groups.

Our agreements with owners can vary from:

  • Leasing/tenancy type where a minimum guaranteed rent and revenue is paid to the building owner by us.
  • Management type of agreement, where a revenue share is paid to the building owner by us or a management fee plus a profit share is paid to us by the building owner.

As a result, with Yalla Seyarah’s overall competence concerning the car park management, the building owners will have more time and effort to concentrate on their core business.