Our Story

The idea behind Yalla Seyarah was conceived by its founders, Ritesh and Dwaipayan.

Both of them were tired of waiting, whenever they asked for their car to be retrieved by the valet companies.

Both couldn’t believe that the valet businesses did not have a way of receiving any communication unless they walk up to the valet booth.

We are in UAE and "we hate 2 wait" for almost anything!

The idea quickly caught on and out, grew the capability of a cell phone. Both of them thought that if the valet company could reduce 10 minutes off the wait time of each customer, then the valet businesses could be seen as being more efficient with their service.

Working with a few of their techie friends, Ritesh and Dwaipayan created Yalla Seyarah, a valet service with a system that allow their customers to send advance messages in order to have their cars retrieved.

Aren’t we thoughtful!

Fast is what he seeks, be it in life or cars. A self proclaimed petrolhead! Obsessed with the latest in mobile technology, Ritesh gets to the most recent innovations in cell phones as fast as he texts!

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A born perfectionist, who loves to think outside the box. A strong executor and project manager. Constantly seeking to make the right connections at the right time and place. A par chasing golfer.

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